Vericuetos Intrepid Music Festival

16 June 2023

Next edition of the alternative music festival organized by musician Pedro Menchaca.

Vericuetos was born in 2014 to commemorate the hundredth edition of the homonymous program that, directed by musician Pedro Álvarez Menchaca, is broadcasted on Radio Kras.

Focused on alternative musics and roads less traveled, the self-named Intrepid Music Festival celebrates a new volume this year. The festival will offer on the 10th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th live music concerts in different parts of the city, with organic electronica, magic folk, progressive rock, improvisation conducted with all kinds of formats, timbres and inspirations.

On the 16th the Festival will arrive at LABoral to make us enjoy sound experimentation, mainly through ambient music and free improvisation with:

Diego Florez- working since 2015 in the field of sound experimentation, mainly through ambient music and free improvisation.

Electric Totems- duo formed by Pierre Bastien and Dr. Truna, where mechanics and electroacoustics are combined with conventional instruments and their own inventions.

The rest of the activities of the festival will be on:

Saturday, June 10. Concert presentation. Tizón Sound, 21:30

Thursday June 15, CSA L’Apiaderu (El Remediu, Nava):

Saturday June 17th, Les Naves (Xixón), 13:00

Sunday June 18th, La Vida Alegre (Xixón), 14:00