Vericuetos (Fearless Music Festival)

LABoral will host one of the three days of this festival of Alternative music

13 June 2015

Vericuetos festival was born a year ago to commemorate the hundred editions of the homonymous program, led by the musician Pedro Álvarez Menchaca; it is broadcasted on Radio Kras.

Focused on alternative music and less traveled roads, the self-called Fearless Music Festival celebrates with this second edition the 30th anniversary of the radio station. And on this occasion it offers three days of live music in different parts of the city, with organic electronics, magical folk, progressive rock, and improvisation conducted with all kind of formats, timbres and inspirations.

• Ensemble Improviso
Pioneering initiative in Asturias being the first large group dedicated to the spontaneous creation. It follows the footsteps of great figures of the free improvisation as Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler. Its members are professional musicians who are experts in several different styles: classical, jazz, contemporary and experimental, and the result of their creations is unique, fresh, original and exciting.

Time: 18 p.m.

• Galgo
Galgo is the alias chosen by the musicians Javier Bejarano and Veronica R. Galan for their environmental project. Soundscapes of abstract evocation, in which coexist in a natural way, the ambient and the organic melodies with arid and narrow textures. The film is other of the basic components of this sound pot, as well as repetition and scenic improvisation. All these ingredients shape the staple diet of this project that mutates in each performance.
Time: 19 p.m.

• Arkanine
Arkanine was born in Cuenca del Nalón in 2013, year in which Hugo and Dani edited a first demo that took them to several concerts in places like FNAC. They released an EP in 2014 and acted as support to national groups like Templeton, Alado Sincera, Pablo und Destruktion and Grusheka among others. That same year they manage to be semifinalists at Festiamas selected from 87 bands of the Asturian world.

Arkaine seeks to make the sound beautiful and musical, influenced by post-rock of the 90s or the more lo-fi electronic. Their work has been described as “engine room electronic and pottery varies for drawing something like a doomsday likely and intense”.
Time: 20 p.m.

• Crayolaser
Crayolaser took his first steps in early 2010. Winners of the contest of Young Music of Cantabria, the group has two self-released albums, SuperPsychedelicScoobyAlidoso (2010) and This Is The Batiscaf (2011) and works at the moment in the edition of their third album, first studio, in Castilian and in which they show the progressive rock that they have been receiving since  kids.
Time: 21 p.m.

Vericuetos IN OTHER AREAS:

Friday June 12, 2015

• Lea Poldo
• Flüjendorf Projector

Location: Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto
Time: 19.30 p.m.

• Les Barbus Barbares

Location: Caja de Músicos
Time: 22.30 p.m.

Sunday June 14, 2015

• Fabes de Mayo
• Acullá
• Antón Menchaca
• Abysal

Location: La Münster (Conde Toreno, 59)
Time: 18 p.m.

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