Van Gogh’s world

3 December 2022 – 05 March 2023

The world of Van Gogh is an exhibition in which art and technology go hand in hand; an immersive experience created by Nomad Art.

A didactic way to bring art closer to the public, both boys and girls and adults thanks to animation assisted by artificial intelligence that makes the paintings become three-dimensional. In this way, younger viewers can understand his artistic game, observing his paintings as if it were a magic box that opens incessantly.

A journey is made through his artistic legacy through the combination of technology, aromas and music. The exhibition has a multi-screen system with more than forty projectors and together with the movement created through digital work, the idea of ​​finding oneself inside the painting is achieved. The soundtrack that accompanies the images has been created by the Spanish composer, Adrián Berenguer.

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Access around the building via Avda. de la Pecuaria.