VACATION . Urban futurology session

22 October 2022

Guided visit by the artist and presentation of the “Collective archive of proposals for Perlora”.

The artist Olmo Cuña invites us to a guided visit to his exhibition VACACIONAL in which he will explain his work processes and present the results obtained so far in the “Collective archive of proposals for Perlora”.

In addition, a collective exercise of urban futurology will be carried out to think about what will happen with the Residential City of Perlora in the future and to look for answers to these questions: How can we relate to the symbols of the past? Would you inhabit an abandoned place? The Ciudad Residencial de Perlora is closed and abandoned, but should we consider it a ruin? What will it be like in the future? What would you do in this place?

To attend the activity, write to info@laboralcentrodearte.org or call 985 185 577.