Ursula Biemann

Artist, author and video-essayist

Born in Zurich in 1955

Ursula Biemann is an artist, author and video essayist whose work has been shown around the world. Her practice, with a marked research vocation, is based on field work in remote places, where she investigates climate change and the ecologies of oil, ice, forests or water. Her videos are multidimensional narratives that intersect vast cinematic landscapes with documentary material, poetics inspired by science fiction and elements of academic research. Her recent trips have taken her to the Amazon and the Arctic where she is interested in the broad temporalities of climate change through video essays such as Forest Law, Deep Weather, Subatlantic or Accoustic Ocean or multimedia storytelling projects such as Becoming Earth. With them, she amplifies current debates around ecology, interspecies communication, and the production of worlds through videographic work and artistic research.