16 November 2008


UrbanLabs collaborates in the definition of its working methodologies with Platoniq, an international organisation of cultural producers and software developers, a pioneer in the production and distribution of copyleft culture.

UrbanLabs is a project of projects, conceived to encourage the creation, development and collaboration of technological initiatives with an impact on the city. Based on the philosophy and collaborative methods of free software, it brings together –on-site and online– a range of citizens, entrepreneurs and creative agents who are working on solutions and digital services in the field of communication, mobility, decision taking, geo-localisation, leisure, sustainability, cooperation and city planning. Its two core activities are, on the one hand, promoting a participative culture in encounters to accelerate projects and foster mutual cooperation and, on the other, to document and set in place, based on its working hypothesis, the concept of an operating system for the city, something that would allow a visualisation and understanding of the different initiatives it embraces from an integrated and at once distributed optic.

In this regard, UrbanLabs wishes to:

(1) Digitally debate social innovation in urban environments, particularly from the processes of appropriation of technology by the community.

(2) Activate specific new projects in participants’ fields of action, based on dialogue and the incorporation of digital technological culture.

(3) Create close ties with institutions, company projects and community initiatives, looking for a common space for reflection, practice and relationships.

(4) Explore all the consequences of the hyperlocal dimension.

Coordinator: Enric Senabre Hidalgo Acknowledgments: Ayuntamiento de Gijón (Unidad de Integración Corporativa)