Un viaje

Juan Fernández

18 December 2007

20 unframed canvas boards. 20×30 cm. Courtesy: Galería Guillermina Caicoya, Oviedo; Galería Altamira, Gijón; Colecciones particulares

Un viaje [A Journey] comprises 20 oil paintings of the same small format in a mosaic layout. The still images are arranged in a sequence which gradually takes on movement as we leap from one frame to the next, producing a panoramic view, a journey, or maybe simply an everyday road trip to some unknown destination.

This work consists of frames taken in three steps: the seen landscape, the photographed landscape and the painted landscape. A passage from an ephemeral moment to a more long-lasting one which stretches the memory through a fluid painting with blurred outlines, where the equally fleeting light of dusk or dawn is dotted with small points of light from car headlights or street lamps. The images possess a cold, distant and romantic undertone in which the human figure disappears, locked inside the car.

– Juan Fernández