TV-LAB. platO open set

2nd to 4th june 2011

Plat0 is a space for experimentation and research involving expanding performative practices, interactivity with telepresence and new audiovisual and hybrid forms of expression.

Equipped with the technology needed for  telepresence and high speed streaming retransmission, it is par of the ANella Cultural collaboration network, which allows for artistic exchange between places all over the planet.

Plat0 is at the disposal of artists who need a place to work, practice or investigate, putting the equipment needed for production in the hands of the user, from recording and transmission to editing, production and post-production.

Since October 2009, has been developing TV-LAB, a communication platform and television station run in collaboration with teachers and students from various educational centres in Asturias, now part of the Plataforma Cero. Investigation, production and resources centre in LABoral. From 30th May to 2nd June, they will be working with schools involve in this project: I.E.S Menéndez Pidal, Avilés; E.E.I. Gloria Fuertes, Gijón; I.E.S. Laboral, Gijón y el Conservatorio de Música de Gijón.

In collaboration with: CPR-Centro del Profesorado y Recursos de Gijón.

Time: from 4 to 9 pm.

Aimed to: everyone interested in audio-visual creation and telepresence.

Technical assistance: TV-LAB /

Information and registration: Free registration

T. +34 985 185 577/

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