14th to 17th november 2011

Experimenting with television helps students understand the various different realities which are portrayed in the mass media and, at once, to express ideas creatively and with freedom. From this starting point, the TVLAB experimental television laboratory project consists in a communication platform and a mobile experimental television set which will be created based on a didactic programme and will become part of the Production Centre at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

Information and registration: free of charge
+34 985 185 577 / +34 985 133 924

Target: groups of students
In collaboration with CPR-Centro del Profesorado y Recursos de Gijón.

Collaborating school centres:
IES Feijóo, Gijón
IES Piles, Gijón
IES LABoral, Gijón
EEI Eduardo Martínez Torner, Gijón
Conservatorio de música de Gijón