Hampus Söderström

29 July 2007

Hampus Söderström / 2007 / Sweden For Personal Computers

In keeping with more traditional combat gaming, Toribash is full of blood and guts. But gameplay does not at all resemble the button-mashing fury of its contemporaries. Toribash is a game of pure strategy. Players may manipulate the joints of their fighter in ‘frozen time’ and then advance the game to the next moment. Players must anticipate the movements of the opponent in order to defend and attack without falling to the ground and being disqualified.

The game has been compared to chess for engaging strategic thought and creative involvement. An independently developed game, Toribash has also fostered a rich community forum for tips and tricks, as well as online game play.

Its minimalist aesthetics and manipulation of time bring to mind the complex combat choreography of The Matrix and martial arts films. The cinematic interface is taken further in the recording and playback features for both learning and sharing purposes.