Tomas Florez

Sound artist and experimental musician

London, 1982

Tomás Flórez has been working since 2015 in the field of sound experimentation, mainly through ambient music and free improvisation.

He has acted inThe House on, in several cycles of concerts and festivals organized by the Madrid free improvisation collectiveRare Music, in the sound art cycleCAAMSonoraof the Atlantic Center of Modern Art of Gran Canaria, at the experimental music festivalViral Noiseand in theSound Art and Experimental Music Sound Libraryof Murcia.

In addition to several collaborations with members of the Madrid free improvisation collective Raras Músicas, he is part of the platformRoom 603dedicated to musical production, audiovisual experimentation and the design of sound spaces for theater. She is also a member of the electroacoustic improvisation quartetLÅANGand the ambient music duoANGLEwith whom he has published several works. He has also worked on musical projectsSeveral CirclesandEscape From Vallecasassociated with Room 603.