Todas las historias (All the stories)

Dora García

Until 16 April 2008, participative on line project

An online work in progress with a participative narrative, Todas las historias is basically an archive of short narrations on Internet. An open process consisting of a library of micro life stories is generated from the collaboration between the readers and the artist. In no more than four lines, these micro-stories are charged with emotions, sensations and paradigms of human behaviour.

The utopian drive of this project is to gather as many stories, all the experiences and human situations possible to contain as words in the same story. In consonance with new online narrative modes this project exemplifies the dynamics of recombination, recontextualisation and interrelation as the continuous and all-embracing groundbase of dialogue of Internet. Each story functions as a node registered in the Web: the world wide web of all stories. An evolving and open system which, although limitless by definition, demonstrates its relational dynamic in every one of its elements.

García, Dora
Thanks to: Aleph, José Luis Brea and w3art