Thom Merrick


Born in the USA in 1963. Lives and works in New York and in the Mojave desert, California. Recent exhibitions include: Galerie Susanna Kulli, zurich; Kunsthalle Göppingen zeigt; Kenny Schachter Contemporary, New York; Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt.

Thom Merrick works across a diversity of media including sculpture, painting and installation, yet always with a focus on the environmental and territorial context as well as on the social space involved in his works. The use of different types of industrial materials is also a constant in his proposals. The reference to the readymade, “a paradigm of the way humans make and unmake culture” as defined by Allan Kaprow, is wholly appropriate when characterising his work. The association with the readymade, with Allan Kaprow and with culture as it is built over time, is well reflected in the two pieces by Thom Merrick on view here: On the Road Reading Lamp and Quartz Movement.