The Suicide of western culture


With just a few toy keyboards and a bunch of second-hand pedals, these two sci-fi characters decided to create their songs from the room of a student hostel in London. Lo-fi tunes that recreate the sounds of the 90s bands they admired so much: Godspeed You Black Emperor, Disco Inferno, Mogwai, Flying Saucer Attack, or Tortoise. As for their national influences, they declare themselves unconditional fans of the rough industrial rhythms of Esplendor Geométrico and the machine pop recorded at low fidelity of Telefilme. Hardness and emptiness, melody and surprise, instrumental post-electronics based on the palpable, impossible contortion of buttons, a true revolution of machines, some as familiar as a Casio CZ-1000, the beloved TR505 drum machine…. “do it yourself” in essence. The result of all this gear is an eponymous work, recorded between November 2008 and January 2009 in Vauxhall (London) and mastered in Barcelona.