The Pure Voice – Undoing Gender 

OPN Studio (In collaboration with Guillermo Casado)

16 March 2022

Interactive Installation

The Pure Voice – Undoing Gender (2022) focuses its attention on undoing gender. For as Judith Butler (2006) asserts, “Gender is a social construct.” Butler’s assertion of gender performativity posits that gender is not naturally assigned, but is composed of acts that mark a person as “male” or “female” (dress, mannerisms, etc.). It is through the repetition of these gender acts that the illusion of a stable gender identity is created. These acts are reproduced through norms established and controlled by institutional powers that tell us how to act as a man and how not to act as a man, and how to act as a woman and how not to act as a woman. This performance generates the retroactive illusion of an existing inner core of gender. 

For OPN Studio we all deserve to be able to love ourselves and, for this reason, society needs to open its mind within a scenario of limitation. 

Therefore, The Pure Voice – Undoing Gender starts from neutrality and fluidity as a strategy to denaturalize and resignify bodily categories. Under Butler’s performative theory, neutralization and decategorization is proposed through the voice and its distortion/modulation as a channel to disrupt the categories of the body, sex, gender and sexuality, and provoke its subversive resignification and proliferation beyond the binary framework (Butler, 2006). 

The Pure Voice – Undoing Gender is an interactive installation, where all visitors have the opportunity to free their voices from the normative gender, through their own perception, achieving a neutral voice or beyond, acquiring new nuances. 

Artwork included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.