The Eye Don’t See Itself (Poppa)

Mark Titchner

1 January 2007


Abstract and imperative sentences, poetic and philosophical questions orpolitical statements, Mark Titchner likes to play in his work with the powerof words and language. Coming from the field of abstraction after his studiesat the Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, Titchner started to workwith words to get a stronger and faster impact on people in imitating traditionalstrategy of advertising campaign. Banners, light boxes, posters, are exhibitedin both galleries and public spaces. Although this body of work focuses on thepotential for language to serve as an art form, the subjects of his provocative orabsurd slogans are often materials, or a physical action or process. A large wallwork, along with an ever shifting video projection, high-lights Titchner’s oeuvreas an artist who is interested in the movement of ideas and information.