The E-Image Era

30th march – 1st april 2007

The main goal of these lectures is to address the reach and impact of the electronic image in present-day societies, paying special attention
to its infl uence on art practices and Institutions, and to the transformations it will generate in them.

Unlike the traditional image, the electronic image possesses a number of distinctive features that have profound consequences on its production, distribution and reception. Consequences affecting the logic of its narrative temporality, of its reading, of the very economy of its social distribution, and even of the symbolic potential associated with it. All these transformations are bound to have  far-reaching repercussions on the form of the institutions and social practices regulating our relationships with them, shaping the establishment of what we could term as a new “scopic regime,” one typically emerging from a regulation of the forms of visuality through the very logic of the
electronic image and its devices.
We need to ponder the characteristics and consequences of this new form of image on all levels: anthropological, symbolical, phenomenological, economic, social, political, institutional, among others.


François Bucher. Artist and author of many essays. co-editor of valdez magazine. visiting professor at the fine arts academy of umea university. He has exhibited his work internationally.

Jordan Crandall. Artist, writer, media theorist and organizer. associate professor of visual arts at university of california, san diego. he has exhibited his work internationally. author of the forthcoming under fire 3 (international biennial of contemporary art of seville, 2007).

Pedro A. Cruz. Lecture in the history of art at the upniversity of murcia. member of the editorial board of the magazines estudios visuales and
sublime. regular contributor to spanish and international magazines.

Alex Galloway. Programmer (one of the founders of radical software group), net artist , journalist (founder member of rhizome), hacker and lecturer and researcher in media ecology at the department of culture and communication at new york university.

Anna María Guasch. Lecture in contemporary art history and art criticism at the university of barcelona. Visiting fellow at the universities of princeton and yale.

Juan Martín Prada. Lecturer at the university of cádiz. contributor to the culturas supplement of la vanguardia newspaper and several specialised magazines. He is a member of the art panel of the humanities commission of the fecyt (spanish foundation for science and technology).

Lev Manovich. Artist, academic and critic specialising in new media. He studied fi ne arts and architecture in moscow. He worked in digital effects in digital animation, one of the fi rst commercial companies devoted to the production of 3-d animation for television and cinema.

Siegfried Zielinsky studied theatre, philology, philosophy, linguistics and political science in marburg, the free university and technical university in berlin. professor for audio-visual studies at the university of salzburg, he developed the teaching, production and research department, “audiovisionen”.

José Luis Brea. Professor of aesthetics and contemporary art theory at the carlos iii university and editor of estudios visuales magazine. His most recent book is Cultura_ram: mutaciones de la cultura en la era de su distribución electrónica, Gedisa, Barcelona, 2007.