The Duellists

David Valentine/MediaShed

18 May 2008


Free-running meets free-media film when two late night traceurs are caught on CCTV as they engage in an acrobatic competition in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre in England. The video was filmed entirely using the in-house CCTV network with a soundtrack created from the environmental noises recorded during production. The fluid, uninterrupted movement of the two runners who act as players re-energizes the environment in the most vivid, playful and spontaneous way. 
The film is the outcome of an invitation the Futuresonic Festival addressed to the Mediashed, in March 2007. Filmmaker David Valentine worked with professional parkour breakin’ crew Methods of Movement to choreograph and shoot the short film over three consecutive nights. The soundtrack was composed by electronic artist Hybernation and is created entirely from the found sounds and noises he recorded during the production.