The Cloud in Hand – Reading animation program through new technologies

22th may 2017 – 9th march 2018

Who is it addressed to?

Secondary and Baccalaureate centers in the city of Gijón (students in 4th year of ESO and 1st year of Baccalaureate).

The program will have:

  • Three titles corresponding to three different literary genres.
  • Three teaching guides that accompany each title.
  • A reading club and a three-session creative writing workshop in which we will work with the authors of the books on the contents raised in the teaching guide.
  • A digital editing workshop and the publication of an anthology with the students’ texts.

No. of places

100. In-person workshops will be held in groups of up to 33 students per session, belonging to the same course and center).

Registration deadline

From May 22 to June 22 in the

More information[+]

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