The Battle of Orgreave

Jeremy Deller

5 May 2001


Vídeo DVD. 52 min. Directed by: Jeremy Deller & Mike Figgis. Commissioned and produced by: Artangel. Acknowledgments: Artangel & Channel 4.

Jeremy Deller’s project for Artangel focused on the Thatcher era, which witnessed the implementation of neoliberal policies and heightened social conflict. Dialoguing with Lucinda Torre’s film, it also addresses the struggles of workers’ resistance and labour conditions under late capitalism, as well as the repression of strikes in Great Britain. The Battle of Orgreave is not only the culmination of a whole series of strikes and other processes of resistance, but it is also the staging of the face-off between police and miners that took place on 18 June 1984, re-enacted by some of its original participants, now turned into actors and filmed by director Mike Figgis.