The Adventures of Tinín

Pelayo Varela

13 December 2009

Printed tarpaulin

The number of children who were reported missing in Mexico in 2009 is estimated at 45,000. Child exploitation and precariousness are yet other critical aspects of capitalist society. This work by Pelayo Varela consists of a project inspired by a well-known children’s character from Asturias. But, in these new circumstances, the updated character is caught up in serious present-day conflicts, such as immigration, contrasting sharply with the adventures of the original character, more akin to Hollywood-like landscapes and the foreign settings which were only visible in the Asturias of the time on cinema screens. An updating of a hero who inspired the fantasies of several generations and helped in consolidating a specifically Asturian local iconography, apart from creating its own graphic style, both in terms of conceptual methods and also those related with graphic illustration and comics.