TESLA Festival presentation party

TESLA Festival of free sound experimentation, free of charge and for all audiences

12 December 2015

TESLA is a free, free sound experimentation festival for all audiences, whose first edition was held in León on February 21, 2015. Coinciding with the LABshop Market Christmas Edition 2015, TESLA is presented at LABoral through three audiovisual proposals presented during the festival in León with the participation of The Black Cotton Beats On, Promising/Youngster + Mucrovision and Fibonacci. They are joined on this occasion by Xelar, musician in residence at LABoral Centro de Arte.

The main objective of TESLA is to give visibility in a reasoned way to the electronic and experimental scene of the city of León, making available to artists an adequate platform to publicly present their work, and offering the viewer – both the initiate and to the neophyte—the possibility of getting to know and enjoying one of the most creative and interesting areas of the Leonese city. TESLA is an original project of Infamous Productions (2015).

The next day, December 13, The Black Cotton Beats On and Fibonacci will complete the Asturian adventure with a recital at vermouth time in the Lata de Zinc room (Oviedo).


XELAR (19 hours)

Xelar was born in 2010 and that same year he digitally self-published his first work titled Un. In 2011 he sees the light of Mayu. In both cases Xelar develops ambient and minimalist lines inspired by Asturian landscapes. In December 2011 he presented Trabayos en progresu, a compilation of his latest demos. He has presented his songs at the Ancient Institute of Gijón Culture Center (December 2010) as part of the presentation events of the “Gijón Video Library”.

He is currently developing a musical residency at LABoral where he explores new sounds and styles related to his work in the field of ambient, drone, minimalism, field recordings, “concrete music” or even shoegaze, styles that the Asturian musician relates to each other. .


Solo project by Leonese Pablo Rodríguez [Black Dog], emerged at the end of 2013 as a response to the author’s need to seek new paths for his musical concerns beyond rock and stoner. The nomadism intrinsic to his personal life in the previous years—too many cities and countless kilometers along the comings and goings of people—and the loneliness that characterized his different residences, led to a vocation for experimentation that went beyond guitar or bass – his usual instruments to date – towards a fusion between the use of synthesizers and other acoustic elements: the result is a sample of sonic freedom that seems to have no borders. Although difficult to categorize, currently the artistic proposal of The Black Cotton Beats On hovers between dub and minimal.

His discography includes works such as The Deep Groove of Four Strings & Some Beats [2013], Some Flowers in the Yard [2014], Infinite Loop Stations [2014] or the most recent Reflections of Light [2015].

FIBONACCI (21 hours)

Fibonacciis an electronic group made up of Leonese artists Notone and Genzo P. The formation arises from the collaboration between the two in the staging of the live show The Hume Live, based on Genzo P.’s second album, The Hume. In this live show, Genzo P. developed the sound part, while the visual part was carried out by Notone. Currently the group is working on new sounds and projects with which to solidify a firm commitment to experimental, complex and conceptual electronics, with intense work on frequency textures with which to generate high-caliber visual paradises.

The first result of Fibonacci’s work as a group is chiaroscuro, in which light and darkness hybridize to search for their own sound based on each person’s musical styles and past. The chiaroscuro project is made up of a sound part, developed live by both artists, and an audiovisual part by Notone. The development and creation of these visuals have been carried out by David Encina in collaboration with Pedro Matos, through the artistic creation project Espacio Performativo.

Although his participation in TESLA was the last opportunity to see live chiaroscuro in León, Fibonacci returned to this show for his performance at LABoral, repeating the next day in a setting that is no longer new for them, the Lata room in Zinc.

Genzo P.

Coming from the world of rap music and obsessed with the sound universe, Genzo P. [Iván Díez Álvarez] has published two full-length works, thanks to the efforts of its author and the unconditional support of AtiK.O. netlabel records, as well as the group Justicia Poética, resident in the city of León. The First Experience (2012) is his first work in the world of electronics: reflective, dark and very intimate soundscapes, always with experimentation and sound development as a banner. At the beginning of 2013, and after a year of intense work, searching for new sounds of personal synthesis and developing new textures, The Hum was born, distributed online and with a limited edition of 200 copies, distributed free of charge with the intention to feed the flame of electronics in this region of Europe, which has more producers every day and with many years behind them.


Notone [David Encina] is a classic in the world of electronic music from the city of León, with many years of intense work, search and sound innovation. He has always combined his personal production with his role as a DJ, spending several years feeding the nights of Barcelona in the Diagonal district, also being a resident on numerous occasions in venues in his city, such as Delicattesen, Plastico, Graffiti or Dickens. His travels have taken him to several cities in the country, such as Bilbao, where he was a member of the electronic pop group Zapatotipobota. The list of his collaborations includes countless performances with Dorian, Cycle, We Are Standard or Ricardo Majo in Digital Pleasure, among others.

In 2007 he published a work of experimental pieces, showing a fragment of his private music library, from which Trax magazine reviewed his career. This era culminated with her performance at the Visual Electronics Laboratory (LEV) of Gijón, in 2009, through the call of Scanner FM. A piano student and a tireless electronic globetrotter, he has a latest project on the internet under the name Technosis Live, which aims to be an ambitious project of visuals, along with drums and an orgy of piano sounds.


Two of León’s electronic heavyweights, Diego Cadierno (soundtrack) and Alfonso García Pelayo (visuals), already presented a newly created audiovisual live show conceived specifically for TESLA. Following in the wake of this collaboration, this duo has been working in recent months on a new project, which will be the one they present on this occasion.


Diego Cadierno’s new project is hidden under this pseudonym. The desire to explore the different currents that dominate the dance floor has meant that, after more than fifteen years of practice and dedication, Cadierno has been able to perform in events of very different characteristics. At the end of the nineties, his first forays as a DJ took place in some of the most select clubs in León—becoming a resident of the Delicatessen for just over a year—, and then progressively extending his area of ​​influence to the entire the north of the peninsula. It was in 2003 when he began his musical production work, remixing classic bands such as Trigger or Galactica, and thus beginning a journey that has led him to be recognized as one of the most important electronic producers in León. Likewise, he has performed in countless projects and festivals, including the 2004 and 2005 editions of OMP, Solotech ’05, Cibeles ’06 —where he provided the soundtrack to a fashion show—, the MUSAC in León — within Dora García’s Heartbeat project—or the Red Bull Bass Camp in 2012. He currently resides in Madrid, where he has performed regularly at Le Garage, Siroco or Redrum, among others. He is also part of the Beatfull Day collective.

Diego Cadierno’s wide musical spectrum starts from techy-un-disco, which he fuses in his live performances with sound aspects of IDM, ambient and even shoegaze, in a suggestive conglomerate of crunchy bases, fat basses, dreamy pads and analog and digital instrumentation .


Mucrovision is the audiovisual project of Alfonso García Pelayo, through which he develops his artistic work as an electronic musician and VJ. The basis of his work is experimentation on image and sound, in a constant search to merge both aspects into a total and unique work. The complexity of this starting point has led him to diversify his path, presenting different projects under names such as Bifusor or Conectica 505—the latter having a Groovebox MC-505 as the only sound source. In 2014 he was selected for the Punto y Raya festival, through which he presented his work Praxis in Reykjavík, at the Harpa auditorium in the Icelandic capital.

His participation in TESLA was a step forward in his career as a visual creator, bringing the sounds of Diego Cadierno to images.