Streaming concert by Fasenuova

17th june 2014

Fasenuova, resident group at LABoral, in the 3rd edition of Día de la Música Online – LIVE 52

LABoral joins Noise Off, the third edition of LIVE 52, the Online Music Day, which will bring together music lovers on June 17th in an event where artists and the public will share a unique space to commemorate the European Day of Music on June 21st. Throughout the day, 52 bands, one from each Spanish province, will perform representing their cities of origin on the Noise Off Festival platform.

For this third edition, LIVE 52 will have a multi-style line-up led by some of the most influential artists on the national scene. In addition, the organisation will face a more complex event in which schools, production companies, music halls and conservatories in each province, in addition to LABoral Centro de Arte in Asturias, will collaborate with the bands for an optimal broadcasting of the concerts.

Representing Asturias, LABoral Centro de Arte will host Fasenuova, the best-known Asturian industrial band outside our borders. In this third edition of LIVE 52, the Asturian band (Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino) will broadcast their combination of free-noise in Spanish and Spanglish via streaming from the Centro de Arte, although they always say that it is simple and pure rock’n’roll.

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