Lucas Bambozzi

Until 30 August 2005

Robotic Installation 5 x 5 x 10 m Courtesy of Galería Brito Cimino

Spio is an interactive robotic installation designed as an autonomous system for capturing, processing and transmitting images. A robotic vacuum cleaner, Roomba, intervened by the artist, digitally tracks the exhibition space generating sounds and visual events. Spio consists of highly sensitive closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) capable of processing real-time images. The installation system captures light and sound interferences, generated by the position of the robotic vacuum cleaner and the visitor’s presence, resulting in chaotic movements and unexpected turbulences in the image. Spio was initially presented at the exhibition Emoção Artificial 2.0 organised by Itaú Cultural in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2004. Since then, many artists have used the Roomba vacuum-cleaner in their projects, making Spio a seminal work.