Soundscape and Identity. Sound Cartography of Gijón.

22th to 26th november 2010 wishes to explore the potential of sound as a form of knowledge, creating an interactive sound map, accessible on the web, based on recordings of the city’s most representative acoustic spaces.

The web map will be produced prior to the actual workshop and will be presented on Thursday 18 November at Showcase SummerLAB 2010. It is a dynamic web system that uses databases, content management systems and geolocalisation tools that will enable the storage and enhancement of the city’s soundscapes.

Each session of the workshop will be divided into theoretical and practical parts, during which fieldwork will be carried out in the city of Gijón to create a soundscape of the city which the participants at the workshop will publish on the project’s web.

At the end of the session on Friday 26 November, and invited sound artists will give a concert together with the workshop participants who wish to present the work they have produced during the workshop.

• Create an interactive map of the soundscape of Gijón
• Teach students to use the techniques and technologies of sound recording
• Undertake the sound mapping of Gijón
• Foster the use of sound as a tool for social knowledge
• Demonstrate the potential of the soundscape for creation and development of an aesthetic discourse

Time: from 4 to 9 pm
Targeting: social scientists, musicians, sound and multimedia artists interested in developing their work using sound