Sound and Space Workshop, with Mediateletipos

21th to 22th june 2014

Following the inauguration of the Sound LAB of the Art Centre, a reading, debate and listening group will reflect upon the relationship between space and sound. The aim is to provide this venue with a theoretic, historic and geographic background.

• How have we come to the conclusion that a venue like the LAB is the ideal one for presenting and researching sound?
• What other spaces like this one can we see in architecture’s recent history? Does listening in this way isolate us, unite us or none of this happens?
• Which other models of exhibition for visual arts does this exhibition hall resemble, or, what relationships with the world of art and museums does it imply?
• How can we hear inside and how does this affect the way we hear outside?
• And probably the most fundamental question: Should these questions be answered only by artists and art centers or should we direct them to those who are in theory the target audience of this design, this sound?

These questions are the starting point for the reading and debate group, coordinated by José Luis Espejo, that will analyse specific texts, examples of architectural and urban spaces linked with listening and sound and audiovisual works.

Target audience: musicians, artists, professionals of any specialty and interested in the incorporation of sound culture in general. No prior technical knowledge is required.
Participants: 15
Information and registration: 15 €
Registration deadline: 16 June

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Activity supported by the Consejería de Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias