Sonia Varez


Sonia Várez has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Rey Juan Carlos University, a university expert in Photography and Personal Project from the EFTI school in Madrid in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University in Elche and a teacher of Vocational Training for Employment from the CIFP Sardinia. Professionally, she has more than 10 years of experience as an audiovisual director and photographer. She has worked in the production and pre-production of films and short films for different film production companies. In addition, she has worked as a product photographer for marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, El Corte Inglés, Rakuten and PC Componentes. She highlights her participation in the cultural project of the University of Pau (Bayonne and Pau, France) Le Microscope. Where she has worked as a photographer, videographer and digital content creative. Finally, after years of training in family photography, she opens her traveling photography studio in which she combines photo sessions at home and in nature with training in audiovisuals and creativity.