Sofia Castanon

Audiovisual artist

(Gijón, 1983)

Philologist, she works as a director at the Señor Paraguas production company, with which she has directed documentaries, video clips and video art pieces. She has worked as a producer and as an assistant director. She has published the collection of poems Interior Animals (Asturias Joven Award 2006), Last Letters to Kansas (Pablo García Baena Award 2007), La noche Así (2012), The Other Daughter (2013) and Prohibido Silbar (Tenerife, 2014); and the notebooks The Shadow of Peter Pan (2009) and Pavlov’s Guilt (Young Creators Award from the Madrid City Council). She is also the author of the collections of poems in Asturian Time of render (Nené Losada Award 2009) and Destruimientu del xardín (2012). She has been a creation scholarship from the Madrid City Council in the Student Residence in 2009-2010. She is one of the Voz + Joven 2010 poets of La Casa Encendida. She proudly belongs to the Princesa de Asturias Foundry. She has just released her first feature-length documentary, She Says a Poet, of which she is the director and screenwriter.