Sin título / Sin techo

Fernando Redruello

3 December 2007

Site-specific installation

Site-specific installation for the Monasterio de Cornellana, Cornellana. Cherry wood, metal grid, aluminium beams, light boxes, vinyl, micro-perforated plastic canvas and aluminium sheet.

As a compendium of the contradictions of a complex political praxis, the contemporary city emerges as a space for confrontation and as a showcase of the most varied icons, here reinterpreted and manipulated by the artist as an element of provocation to trigger off feelings of perturbation, discomfort and reflection in the spectator.

The use of these sources allows the artist to organise a reasoned visual discourse possessing a strong ideological load, yet without renouncing subtle criticism or cutting irony.

The space establishes a dialogue with the work, here seen immersed in a setting potentialising the meaning of ruins, of a suspended serenity for meditation. Object and image as document and transmitters of a creation born out of a specific personal context, of a vision and memory here opposed and connected, renovating their power to suggest and to relive the milestones of a biography.