4 September 2008


This project is an open reflection on the omnipresence of consumerism in our lives and revolves around various pieces, all in some way related with consuming.

Coches y otros animales (2006) explores the person-car binomial. To a greater or lesser extent, there is an identification between the individual and the vehicle which invites us to reflect on this encounter. 
Cuerpo/consumo (2008) reflects on how the human body becomes one of the main products of consumption. And curiously, this happens when personal relationships are more incorporeal than ever before. Computers, TV and videogame consoles interrelate us with other virtual bodies to such an extent that we cannot clearly distinguish the boundaries between real bodies and virtual bodies. But… who cares? 
The last piece, Somos lo que comemos (2008), explores some of the most common and usually eaten foods, and how they reveal themselves, almost accidentally, as metaphors of contemporary life.