Shockbot Corejulio


9 February 2004

Computer, electronics, light boxes

Shockbot Corejulio is a ’hacked’ computer that delivers electric shocks to its own graphics card through a robotic arm. Receiving command signals from the computer, the robotic attachment causes the computer to produce short-circuits and create images on the attached monitor by deconstructing the original monitor signal.

The gradual damage done to the computer changes the command-signals, which, in turn, affect the operation of the shockbot. The images become increasingly fragmented until the system finally breaks down completely. Shockbot Corejulio creates a feedback loop in which software and hardware influence each other in a process of self-destruction that produces abstract imagery.

Images created by the shockbot are exhibited in light boxes next to it.

From 1994 to 99, Emanuel Andel attended the higher graphical school in Vienna, in the department for Photography & Audiovisual Media. At 22 he started studying at the University of Applied Arts and focused on visual media design under the supervision of Peter Weibel and Tom Fürstner. During this time he worked on projects dealing with real-time visualisation as well as on projects scrutinising systems theory.