Shadow Theatre Workshop – Primary Education

19th september 2016 – 23th june 2017

The pupils will make simple silhouettes out of cardboard to create characters, write a short script to tell a story and perform it in front of their classmates in front of an illuminated backdrop.


  • To explore the possibilities of sound, image and movement as elements of representation and communication and to use them to express ideas and feelings, thereby contributing to emotional balance and relationships with others on an equal footing.
  • To explore and get to know different materials and instruments and to acquire specific codes and techniques of the different artistic languages in order to use them for expressive and communicative purposes.
  • Maintain an attitude of personal and collective search, articulating perception, imagination, enquiry and sensitivity and reflecting when making and enjoying different artistic productions.
  • Carry out artistic productions in a cooperative way, assuming different roles and collaborating in the resolution of the problems that arise in order to achieve a satisfactory final product.
  • Knowing the different artistic fields, being interested in the characteristics of the artists’ work and enjoying as an audience the observation of their productions.