Seminar and open discussion: Women, art, science and technology

This seminar will be a critical reflection on the role of women in science, technology and contemporary art.

9 March 2017

Mary Shelley is well-known as the creator of the first science-fiction novel, in which, in addition to depicting the psychological and moral conflict that goes hand in hand with scientific and technological progress, she reflects upon the responsible exercise of personal and political power as a key element to improve our society, a core idea in Monsters of the Machine. In Shelley’s obscure works, she also explores the relationships between men and women and the theological and political institutions that have defined women’s role in the modern society, the question is the following: Does the female option represent reason and sensitivity?

LABoral aims to open a debate on feminism and the role of women in the artistic context with a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by presentations and an open debate.

Participants: Capitolina Díaz, PhD in sociology and ex-President of the Association of Female Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) (SP), Joana Moll, artist and researcher (SP); Jara Cosculluela, educator specialising in feminist research and gender analysis (SP) and Melania Fraga, journalist with gender perspective (SP).

Moderated by: Karin Ohlenschläger, Director of Activities, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (SP).

Aimed to: Professionals and collectives of professionals or anyone interested in science, technology and humanities and their analysis from a gender perspective

Registration: free entrance