19th july – 30th august 2011

A project by Eugenio Ampudia for LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation.

The VÉNDETE TÚ project aims to value and introduce into the space of LABoral Centro de Arte personal proposals and strategies of Asturian citizens that provide new possibilities to the rest of the community.
All types of people, with all types of jobs, companies or ideas, are invited to sell themselves in this project.
We know that the most important value is people, and we also know that each individual can contribute new possibilities. We want to make them public and create a network that goes beyond the art center and is situated on a relational level.

The format chosen for this is a video of up to five minutes, which will be filmed with LABoral’s technical teams.
To do this, we are looking for proposals, to be received by email or postal mail, from which we will choose the 25 most useful. We need sincere, open, imaginative proposals… coming from people of all ages and conditions. Not necessarily spectacular, nor politically correct.
We prefer proposals related to the real life we ​​live rather than art.

SELL YOURSELF is also an internal exercise that asks us to reflect on ourselves, reviewing the role we occupy in society.
With all these videos there will be an exhibition in the lobby of LABoral and a systematic follow-up and study will be carried out on the development of this proposal and its consequences. We will try to get them to the valid interlocutors who can make them possible.
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Send your proposal before Monday, August 29 to op@laboralcentrodearte.orgOr by regular mail to:
LABoral Center for Art and Industrial CreationLos Prados, 12133394 Gijón (Asturias)