Seeing / Sensing / Sounding | Panel Session 2

30 September 2017

The art and science of sound have long been historically entangled. Its physical phenomena and the ways in which our capacity to hear and create sound has extensive cultural and cognitive significance. With the rise of cultural media and new technical modalities,  the cultural history of sound has been continuously transformed through practices, concepts, artefacts and technologies.

Engaging with auditory mediums; installations and recordings, computation and human sensory capacities, acousmata and precise directional signals, this session will explore the ethical and aesthetic components of sound, and why sound of many kinds is so central to scientific exploration and the human arts.

This panel introduces the work of practitioners who are exploring the visual materiality of sound and it’s cultural and social landscape. Grounded in contemporary artistic practices and recent technological and scientific developments, the panel will present an overview of the methods the panelists apply to research and work artistically with sound.

Addressed to: people interested in visual arts, sound creation, digital culture and installations.