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13th march – 23th april 2015

LABoral and the Port Authority of Gijón call for a production residency for a project by Asturian artists whose work uses science and technology in relation to the seas and oceans

The Port Authority of Gijón, the public body responsible for the management of the Port of Gijón, and LABoral Center for Art and Industrial Creation announce the first edition of the call for Residency Sciences of the Sea. In this way, the body dependent on the Ministry of Public Works that manages one of the main seaports of the Atlantic Arc delves into a strategy of quality, patronage and collaboration with institutions and societies that, based in the port environment, have culture, sports and social assistance as their goals.


The objective of this annual call is to grant a production residency for the realization of an artistic project whose scope of work is science and technology in relation to the seas and oceans. Giving artists from the closest environment the opportunity to use LABoral Centro de Arte and its resources as a platform for a maximum duration of one month between May and June 2015 to carry out an artistic project.

The result of the production residency will be shown from June to October 2015 in the Exhibition Hall of the Antigua Rula of the Port Authority of Gijón or in another space of the Port Authority.

The financial award will cover all expenses derived from the residency with a provision of €2,800 in fees, production, travel and accommodation – subject to taxation in accordance with current legislation – prior approval of the selected project and its corresponding budget.

They may choose

Artists born or resident in the Principality of Asturias, without age limit.


The residency will last a maximum of one month between May and June 2015, during which the artist will have a work space.

The deadline for sending documentation by email ends on April 23, 2015 at 00:00. The documentation must be sent

The results of this open call will be announced to the interested party at their contact address, on this website and by communication to the media.

Additional information or queries:

Selected project: 200 meters, by the artistAndy Gracie(London, 1967)


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