Sara Muñiz

Composer and musicologist

(Gijón, 1984)

Sara Muñiz is a composer and musicologist.

Although his initial training comes from classical music, he has a long career as a violist and pianist within the field of urban popular music and its integration with the arts. Since she was a teenager she has collaborated on a multitude of musical projects, some of them with great scope, such as Manta Ray, Nacho Vegas, Fleshtones, Fee Reega or Pablo und Destruktion. A few years ago she created, together with José A. Rilla, the Framily record label and the experimental electronic music project Cicada. In parallel, she has worked on several artistic projects and taught courses and workshops related to music and art; collaborating with institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias or Laboral Center for Art and Industrial Creation.

He is currently dedicated to composing music for theater and visual works.

This year it has been nominated at the Oh theater awards for best soundtrack for theatre.