Sandra Asenjo

Painter and graphic designer

(Oviedo, 1971)

She picked up brushes when she was very little and at the age of seven she participated in her first painting competition. Already as a teenager she attended the workshop of Humberto García del Villar, known in the artistic circuits as Humberto. There she learned about abstract art, experimented with different painting techniques unknown until then and she made the leap to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Salamanca, where she graduated in the specialty of painting.

Although he currently combines painting with graphic design, painting is his best vehicle for expression.

He works without a previous script, without drawing or sketch, letting the material flow and carry him. In that sense, his painting stems from or draws on informalism.

“All variants focus on directly expressing, through an emotional impulse without intermediate signs of symbolic load, a cry, an intention that is born and comes from the subject who performs it.”