Samuel Fonseca

1 February 2024 – 31 July 2024

Behind the nickname Presa hides a changing formation around Samuel Fonseca, creator and performer who combines his work in audiovisuals with the development of an ambitious and unclassifiable musical project. After a series of self-published works, Presa crystallises in ‘Caza Alcance’ (HUMO Internacional, 2023) the ultimate refinement of his sound, exuding a physical and wild energy, intrincate an angular rock sound with bases that look to electronics. Abrasive and sweet in equal parts, the sound of this ‘Caza Alcance’, produced by Willy Christoulas, of Somos la Herencia, is a firm step towards the future of an emotional and cathartic project. After presenting it in different venues of the national circuit and being named as the 4th best national EP of 2023 by Rockdelux magazine, Presa are secluding themselves and starting to work on what will be their debut album, which will also be released under the auspices of the Humo Internacional label.


Project in residence

Hijo Pródigo

Hijo Pródigo is the provisional name of the project that the band Presa aspires to develop thanks to LABoral’s artistic residency. This musical journey, led by Samuel Fonseca, Santi Fernández and Carlos Rodríguez, unfolds in a sonic narrative that aspires to break down the barriers between rock, noise and acoustic experimentation.

From a strictly lyrical point of view, Hijo Pródigo dives into the very essence of the human experience. The father figure, reunions and repentance are the thematic pillars that weave a sonic story full of nuances. The obsessive and piercing rhythms go hand in hand with a lyrical universe that draws from the evocative poetry of Juan Eduardo Cirlot, the depth of W.H. Auden and the spirituality of San Juan de la Cruz.

In Presa’s melting pot of sounds, the project gestated as an amalgam of unsuspected influences, in the sensibilities of three a priori incompatible musicians who found in physical and aggressive music a starting point to write their own page in the history of national noise rock. Inspired by movements such as no wave and bands like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Lingua Ignota, Gilla Band and Akauzazte, we aspire to bring those sounds to the contemporary.

Each composition functions as a chapter of a bildungsroman, an exercise in introspection on the journey to maturity, from the sombre to the sensual, from the surgical coldness of post punk to the overwhelming physicality of metallic percussions, framing poetry in visceral and hypnotic sounds.

Project selected in the I Convocatoria de Residencias Artísticas 2024.