Sam Gómez


(Cantabria, 2004)

Student of cinematography at the Basque Country Film School and activist in the movement that fights against state subsidies to the livestock industry, Futuro Vegetal. In 2019, through the news of the protests of the group Rebellion or Extinction on the bridge of Nuevos Ministerios, he learns about non-violent civil disobedience as a weapon against the climate crisis.

In 2020 she began to participate in the local Rebel or Extinction group and in 2021, after the first action of Futuro Vegetal, she joined it, seeing the need and learning about the effectiveness of these methods in movements such as that of the first suffragettes.

“On a personal level, I have been taught that you have to obey the law and be a good person, but I have learned from other historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. that above the law is morality and, sometimes, to be a good person you have to break the law”.