Roses and thorns. Aural awareness

Until 31 December 2016

The project consists of the creation of an audiovisual map to give a voice and visibility to the collective of disabled women to foster their inclusion in society.

The main goal is to make this collective visibility, change their social and cultural image and get rid of the stereotypes related with gender and disabilities.

The map offers information on the accessibility of several locations in the city, and it is also an archive of experiences, activities and personal projects by the AMDAS LAFONTE.

On the project blog, we can see the map, the sound files and the images that document this whole process:


Juanjo Palacios, artist, phonographist and composer

Javier Suárez Quirós, engineer and researcher on design and disabilities

Elena de la Puente, photographer and artist


Obra “La Caixa” funds this project in the framework of the call Convocatoria Arte para la mejora social (Art for Social Improvement) in colaboration with AMDAS-LA FONTE.