Roman Tie


(Gijón, 1980)

Architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of A Coruña and Master from the University of Vigo in Contemporary Art: Creation and Research at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra investigating the relationships between landscape and place in contemporary art.

He has participated in different exhibitions, among which Eidos Da Imaxe stands out. Grafías dos feitos e do pensamento, curated by Alberto Ruíz de Samaniego, held at the MARCO in Vigo; Novos Valores Awards, at the Pontevedra Museum; XXX Young Art Exhibition, in La Rioja, in 2014; Path. To Orixe, in the City of Culture of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela; XVIII International Art Biennial of Cerveira, in Portugal; and II Francisco Asorey Sculpture Contest, in Cambados, Pontevedra, in 2015. She has received several scholarships, such as the one granted by the Dubrovnik Society of Architects for participation in the III Festival of Architecture, in 2007; the artistic residency Estudio Abierto #4, awarded by the Lugo Museum Network; the XIV AlNorte Scholarship for exhibition projects awarded by Diario El Comercio; attendance at the V Meeting of New Artists, in the City of Culture of Galicia; and the one granted by the University of Vigo and Kusntpodium T for participation in the artistic project Apprentice Master 2015, in Tilburg, Netherlands; all of them in 2015.

He has also won awards in different art and architecture competitions, such as first prize in the ideas competition for artistic creation intervention in the urban environment of the Monteporreiro neighborhood, in Pontevedra; second prize at the XXX Young Art Exhibition in La Rioja, both in 2014; first prize in the Young Plastic Artists Exhibition Program at the Sala Borrón; and first prize in the artistic intervention competition on the facades of the Novoboandanza Municipal Civic Center, in A Coruña in 2015.