Robotics Workshops 2020-2021

17th october 2020 – 26th june 2021

Laboral and Robotix continue their collaboration exploring the world of educational robotics, programming and 3D printing for all students from early childhood, primary, secondary and high school education.

We offer a proven pedagogical project, whose main objective is to complement the formal training provided in schools, through the application of different technologies to the educational process in a fun and innovative way.

We want students to be creators of technology and not mere users. Connect them with the real world, understand how their environment works, master new technologies and be a valuable instrument to enhance their creativity and development throughout life.

Through educational robotics, design and construction, programming and new technologies we capture the attention and awaken the interest of children from the first minute. In this way we guide the little ones so that, thanks to technology, they are able to focus and solve problems, face a challenge and break it down into smaller steps to solve them one by one until they reach their own solution and thus become thinkers. creative throughout their lives

Students learn to develop 21st century skills and competencies such as creativity and innovation, teamwork, mathematical logic and communication. And all this in a playful and fun environment for them. We carry out very playful classes in which we work with different tools and games that maintain the student’s full attention from minute one.

What are you waiting for? Learn while having fun!

At LABoral we have adopted all the hygienic and sanitary measures indicated by the competent authorities for the correct development of the activity. The protocol of sanitary and hygienic measures for the development of the Robotics Workshops for this 2020-2021 academic year can be downloaded at the following link[+]. Annex I must be submitted signed before the start of the workshops

In collaboration with:

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Culture, Linguistic Policy and Tourism of the Government of the Principality of Asturias