Robotics Summer Camp

30th june – 28th august 2015

In these camps, participants will have the opportunity to design, build and program their own robots from a series of challenges to be met daily.

Robotics becomes an “excuse” to bring children to scientific and technological content and learn specifically about robotics and programming, as well as creativity and critical thinking are developed. It will be used for that purpose the construction set LEGO WeDo and Lego Mindstorm NXT platform to build robots.

Aimed at: children aged between 7 and 14 years old seeking for an activity in which have fun and learn at the same time.

Dates: from June 30 to July 3; from 6 to 10 of July; from 13 to 17 of July; from 20 to 24 of July; from 27 to 31of July; from 3 to 7 of August; from 10 to 14 of August; from 17 to 21 of August and from 24 to 28 of August.
Schedule: from 10a.m. to 2p.m.
Registration fee: 95 Euros / 76 Euros (20% with annual membership card Platform 0, which offers a 20% discount on courses and workshops, and free access to the Art Centre, Access Platform 0 and resources at preferential rates for the use of equipment and machinery).

The week of June 30 to July 3 is priced at 76 Euros for being 4 sessions.

With the collaboration of: