Robotics minicamp. April 2017

10th to 12th april 2017

Enjoy and learn with LEGO Education!

Delve into the use of technologies and face the most spectacular challenges you can imagine through two types of camps depending on age.

  • Robotix Apprentices Minicamp – from 6 to 9 years old-

Do you want to design a robot? With LEGO WEDO learn to build and bring new designs to real life and have your first contact with programming, create animations, small video games, discover everything there is to know about simple machines, build robots and play with them after programming them. A fun way to learn about science, technology and mathematics while promoting communication and teamwork.

  • Robotix Minicamp Building the future – from 9 to 12 years-

With LEGO MINDSTORM build robots that walk and do anything you can imagine. Enter the world of design, construction and programming, with touch, light, sound or gyroscopic sensors…

Registration: 60euros / 48 euros (20% withPlatform 0 annual membership card, which offers a 20% discount on courses and workshops, as well as free access to the Art Center, access to Platform 0 and its resources with preferential rates for the use of equipment and machines.)

To register,click here(don’t forget to indicate which camp you want to sign up for)

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Activity subsidized by the Department of Education and Culture of the Government of the Principality of Asturias