Roberto Lorenzo

Multimedia artist, teacher and audiovisual researcher

Lives and works in Asturias

Roberto Lorenzo is a multimedia artist, teacher and audiovisual researcher living in Oviedo. He works on multimedia and video projects as a freelance artist, and as a VJ (under the name Rob Loren) in some of the most outstanding festivals in Spain. He graduated in Graphic Design from the School of Arts of Oviedo and studied CAD at the School of Engineering and Design of Llanera. Roberto Lorenzo not only works on visual works for electronic music events, but he has also helped to promote the generic space of creative possibilities interconnecting images, movement and music. He received a grant from Cajastur, and was also awarded with a touring solo exhibition in its various exhibition halls, together with an installation at the Ancient Cultural Institute of Gijon and group shows at the Galería Vértice in Oviedo and Espacio Líquido in Gijon. 
The organization of the annual festival of art and new tendencies Visionica in Oviedo is one of his most personal projects so far.