Tetsuya Mizuguchi

31 July 2002

Tetsuya Mizuguchi / United Game Artists, Sonic Team / 2002 / Japan For Sony PlayStation 2 Console Systems

Drawing inspiration from Kandinsky’s theories on the synesthetic associations between colors and sounds, Rez introduces a multi-sensory experience to the traditional space shooter game. Rez takes place not in outer space, but within the abstract space of a sophisticated computer network. As the player zaps offending computer viruses, beats and rhythms emerge based on the gameplay. In addition to the musical compositions, vibrations are emitted through the PlayStation controller and, in the Japanse version only through a curious, pulsating device called the “Trance Vibrator”.

Rez brings the conventions of psychedelic music visualizers into a more holistic multi-sensory experience. While the spare wire-frame graphics simplify the visual rendering, the sonic and tactile extensions draw the player deeper into the game.