Residence: Susanna Tesconi

24th april – 8th may 2012

Research on the design and manufacture of teaching materials within the framework of a Fab Lab.

In the teaching-learning processes, the use of appropriate teaching material adaptable to the demands of the students is a need indicated by the majority of pedagogues.

Many teachers tend to design and build specific material to respond to the learning needs of their students and to effectively visualize the content they present in class. Digital manufacturing tools, with their infinite possibilities and the speed in which they are used, allow , design and build, with a professional level of finish, teaching materials of various types

Residency objectives

  • Research on fabLAB as a pedagogical resource
  • Development of teaching materials that can be used in the classroom

Within the framework of this residency, several meetings are planned with teachers, counselors and staff from the Education Department of the Principality of Asturias on digital manufacturing and education on April 24, May 3 and 7.