Juan Carlos Martínez

1 December 2007

Site-specific installation for a roundabout, Luanco

In contrast with the private space of the secluded garden in which nature is tamed and trained to create a domain in which to meditate about man’s ability to dominate nature, the public space lacks a structural motivation beyond mere utilitarian preservation or, at its worst, as a repository of waste.

In Reflexiones (Reflections), Juan Carlos Martínez develops a work which is closely tied in with the expressive potential of natural spaces in an artistic intervention in which he conflates the formulations of traditional gardening with groundbreaking proposals engaging in a rethinking of vegetation and space from new perspectives and designs.

His recent work proposes a transformation of the marginal areas left over after the construction of new roads, and more specifically, of roundabouts, which present a distinctive spatial configuration based on a geometry formulating other perspectives and visual approaches.

Through his project, Martínez attempts to provoke a reflection on the potential of those unassuming public spaces, and their valorisation as created landscapes combining the formal and chromatic values of vegetation and sculptural volumes in a dialogue with their environment and immediate horizons.