Red Rubber Boots

Jasmila Žbanić

30 December 2000

Original format: 35 mm. DVD. 25 min. Production: DEBLOKADA. Sound: Bogdan Zurovac & Igor Čamo.

Jasmila Žbanić’s documentary video tells us the story of a mother looking for the remains of her two young children. They were kidnapped and murdered by the Serbian army during the final days of the Bosnian war, but finally buried in a communal grave. The mother’s search, visiting various exhumations of different communal graves, is full of hope and suffering. Hope of finding signs of the little red boots her daughter was wearing when she was kidnapped and of at least finding her body. Suffering for the proximity of the verification of the horror. Žbanić is a renowned filmmaker who won the Golden Bear in 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival for her film Grbavica.